“Through listening we learn.
Through others sharing we grow.
Through helping others we lift ourselves.
Through being accountable we create action.
Through our growing confidence together we succeed”.

– Tracey Mathers

Get clarity, connection and confidence

About Tracey

About Tracey

Tracey Mathers has earned her reputation as a respected advisor and mentor to those wanting to build and achieve success in their personal and business life. As the granddaughter of the founder of the Mathers Shoes Empire, and third generation retailer, it was inevitable Tracey would become an expert in her field. In 1991, at just 24 years of age, the first Tracey Mathers Shoe Studio was born in Brisbane’s Tattersall’s Arcade. Within only a few years, the size of the store doubled as Tracey paved her way to shoe success.


For over 25 years Tracey owned and managed up to six shoe stores within Brisbane and the Gold Coast, as well as a warehouse and head office, leading a team of 25+ staff. Tracey was able to propel her success forward through all facets of her business within sales, leadership, people management, communication, conflict management, marketing and team building. Quickly she learnt what works and what doesn’t.


Tracey is often asked how wonderful travelling the world buying shoes must have been and, although she did love it, it wasn’t her favourite part. “I loved buying shoes, sure, but I really loved building staff confidence, celebrating wins with them in their work and personal lives, and really just helping them do life – I became a bit of a mentor with a lot of my staff”.


It was across 35 years within the retail and corporate world that Tracey learnt her true passion, despite her love of shoes, is people. “I find people fascinating. I was always having great conversations with my staff, suppliers and my customers, and I found that I could gain great insight and powerful outcomes being with others”.


When Tracey sold her stores in 2016, helping others to achieve their dream of success was the next natural progression in her career path. Through her work as an advisor, speaker, mentor and coach, Tracey has helped hundreds of women build resilience and confidence, find their ‘why’, and empower them to achieve their goals.


Tracey loves to see people with a desire for change gain more control, increase fulfillment and achieve massive growth in every aspect of life. And she believes we cannot do it alone – “I could not have had the success in my life without the guidance of my ‘Circle of Trust’; those people who truly listen, and then tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear. They help you to achieve the clarity you need to propel you forward”.


With incredible honesty and great communication skills Tracey will help you to discover what has been holding you back. At times the problem can be finding people to trust, who we truly believe have walked our path and understand what changes we need to make to get our lives on track for greater success – Tracey is that trusted advisor. Tracey loves to see the difference even the slightest change can make to someone going forward and happily shares her experiences to gain greater clarity, making people happier in their lives.


Tracey takes great pride in helping hundreds of small business owners to gain success, connection and confidence, and has proudly worked with companies such as PoolWerx, GNC Law, Anne Noonan, Davies Bakery, Pure Dash, Kellie Hobbs Interiors, Ember Solutions, Red Works, Geri’s Beauty, Anne Higgins Photography, Sunday Society, The Prop House and more.

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