“Passionate, positive, enthusiastic and energetic. Tracey works with me in a professional and personable manner simultaneously.”

Lisa Johnson, Hamilton staff member

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About Tracey

“The work environment that Tracey has created is such a positive, friendly and welcoming place that both myself and other colleagues actually look forward to coming to work. Tracey is truly a one of a kind employer who continues to drive a professional attitude yet friendly manner towards customers and staff members. Her attitude towards strong communication is fantastic and she continues to drive this everyday. Tracey is also a very good listener and always takes criticism, ideas and information onboard with an open mind. Any issues that arise are always dealt with immediately and appropriately.

Emma Rowell,
Store Manager, Portside Wharf

Having worked for Tracey the last 16 years I have found her always open to ideas and suggestions from staff in respect to work related scenarios and invites constructive feedback. As an employee I have found Tracey to be a woman of great integrity and extremely dedicated to her business and staff.

Jenny Gooley,
Store Manager, Camp Hill

“What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.”
Gretchen Rubin

Tracey Mathers is a trusted advisor to those wanting to build and maintain success in business. With retail running through her veins, third generation retailer Tracey Mathers has been continuing the family tradition for over 25 years. As the Grandaughter of the founder of Mathers Shoes it was inevitable she would become a leading retailer in her field. Having had up to six stores she has learnt to deal with all areas of running a successful business.

With 35 years experience in both the retail and the corporate world Tracey has a wealth of knowledge in all different aspects that she passes on through her work as a professional advisor, speaker and mentor.

Having spent years on sales, leadership, managing people, communication, conflict management, negotiation, social media, marketing and how to get the best from your team, she has already made the mistakes and learnt what works and what doesn’t.

Her passion is people, and helping others to achieve their dream of having success in their lives has been the next natural progression in Tracey’s career path. She sold her stores in July 2016 to concentrate on her mentoring business.

Tracey has been helping her clients for decades with advice on how to get the best from their lives and to make the most of their careers. She loves to see people succeed, and it gives her incredible satisfaction to know she has been a part of helping them achieve their goals. With incredible honesty and great communication skills she will help you to discover what has been holding you back. Tracey is like a locksmith and she holds the combination that will release the information that you have locked up tight inside. You will be happy to throw away the key.

No matter what the market place tries to dictate through some of the toughest times, Tracey teaches her clients how to be resilient, stand out and create additional opportunity by staying focused on achieving success for both leaders and teams. At times the problem can be finding people to trust, who we truly believe have walked our path and understand what changes we need to make to get our lives on track for greater success – Tracey is that trusted advisor.

With longevity in a highly competitive marketplace, her strategic leadership, people management and business planning attributes have been critical to the success she has celebrated.

By working with Tracey you will have a clearer direction on where changes need to be made in your life, she will give you the confidence to make changes that lead to great results.

“We all need guidance at certain times of our lives; this is what I am here for. It is great to be able to discuss difficult situations you are facing, to go through the best way to handle them but above all else to be accountable to someone with time frames. I know I have needed this in my career at times, and now I want to do it for YOU.”

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