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Get clarity, connection & confidence!

Get clarity, connection and confidence



Why are we so afraid to admit that we don’t have all the answers yet? It’s not a sign of failure, but an opportunity for future growth and learning. It’s okay not to know it all, it’s okay to ask for help, and it’s more than okay to join forces with other smart minds to, as they say, ‘chew the fat’.


When I realised this, it changed my world!


As the granddaughter of the founder of Mathers Shoes, it was inevitable that I would become a retailer. At the peak of my retailing story, I had six stores plus a warehouse and head office, and I learnt to manage every aspect of running a successful business.


And while 35 years of traveling the world buying shoes was a ball of fun, some women struggle to believe me when I say, that wasn’t actually my favourite part (*gasp*). Nope – I loved the people! Building relationships with staff, clients and suppliers, watching them succeed, and just having great conversations. Yep, people are my passion!


And so the next chapter of my story began; I sold my business and focused on helping people to connect with their strengths and propel their success forward in both their business and personal life. And I love it!


So how do I do it? Every day I help women like you realise where you’re at in a certain aspect of your life, but more importantly where you want to be. I am the person that will help you to unpack what you’re currently doing to achieve your goals, devise a strategy on how to get there, and help you to determine what is going to have the biggest impact on your mindset and bottom line. You will build self-esteem and confidence, determine what your roadblocks are and become happier within yourself and your life. You will achieve success – no matter what success looks like to you!


I am very proud to have worked with hundreds of women and small business owners to gain control of their lives and achieve success! 



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