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A community created to help women get clarity, confidence and start experiencing life like never before. A membership developed to help you to become the BEST you.

At different times in a woman’s life, many of us find ourselves feeling challenged by our circumstances. Life sure throws us some curveballs!

At times, some women find they’ve lost their confidence, direction or even a sense of lost identity. For others, they can feel lost about what it is they actually want from life.
For many it’s a regular sense of overwhelm- perhaps feeling as though they’ve lost their ‘sparkle’.

However these feelings appear for you it’s not the way we ever intended life to be, is it?

At some point, we have make a choice about what we’re going to do about it and there are only two options to choose from. We either leave things to remain as they are or go about seeking a solution to start taking back control.

There are too many women around the world feeling this way and it’s time turn the tide – to create lives for ourselves that put an end to the limiting beliefs, the overwhelm and start living the way we want to live.


  • A 30+ year old woman


  • Overwhelmed with the juggle of life
  • Feeling alone or isolated
  • Looking to ‘get back out there’ in some way
  • Dealing with negativity
  • Experiencing a lack in confidence or self-belief
  • Fearful of undertaking something new
  • Overworking to the detriment of yourself and your loved ones
  • Finding yourself defaulting to a negative mindset
  • Setting goals but not achieving them
  • Avoiding doing something you know you need to do
  • Feeling lost and not sure where to begin
  • Experiencing pressure from society’s expectations
  • Lacking in confidence in conversations with others
  • Time poor because the focus is on work and other people
  • Ready to get back to refocusing on yourself; or perhaps
  • Wanting a new approach and outlook to help you get more out of your life.

Then the TM VAULT membership is for you!


woman eyes closed


  • Learn how to ‘overcome/manage overwhelm’
  • Have a voice and be heard
  • Learn how others as busy as you create time for themselves
  • Connect with other women experiencing the same challenges as you
  • Learn how to overcome unhelpful habits
  • Feel understood &/or acknowledged
  • Learn methods to overcome fears
  • Develop a mindset that enables you to get more of what you want
  • Unpack current challenges
  • Achieve what you want for your life
  • Unlock inner strength and self confidence
  • Feel safe and supported; and it is also place to…
  • Laugh and if you need to – cry as well!


The TM Vault is a community where you can participate in thought-provoking and helpful discussions and conversations. Having said that, you are free to participate in the discussions or instead quietly observe and learn – whichever approach works and feels right for you.

This is a group made especially for women who are facing everyday challenges in their work and home life and who want to feel more connected to themselves. It is for women who don’t want to feel the way they do now in 12 months time – but instead want to set themselves up for a great year ahead.

How do you intend to feel 12 months from now?

It’s time to have the BEST year of your life.

You may be thinking “I’m uncomfortable sharing my experiences with others. I don’t think this is suitable for people like me.”

It’s true, sharing can make some people incredibly uncomfortable, but sharing is not necessary to experience the full value of the TM Vault. The value is in watching the lessons available, reflecting on how they can be applied to your situation and then doing the work to see progress.

Some of the most successful transition work comes from people learning the strategies and applying them independently. We all learn in different ways. Some women need to talk things through or get others’ perspectives to move forward, and others’ do not. However you turn up is up to you. Having helped many women transition through trying circumstances, going it alone without advice about typical pitfalls that come along the way, is the biggest inhibitor to realising and experiencing life on the other side of your obstacles, whatever they are.

If you’re thinking “I’m not ready yet or I don’t have the funds to do this”, I get it. To that I ask….When will you be ready? How long have you been feeling the way you are feeling? How much longer are you willing to leave things to continue the same way? What will life be like if you decided to commit to invest in yourself?

To transition from where you are now to where you want to be, takes time. This is an investment in you. An opportunity to move away from what is currently holding you back, limiting your life.


No matter your age or stage of life, we all have times in our lives that are challenging, even confronting.

Regardless of whether you consider yourself a homemaker, a mother, a business woman, a team member, an employee – or all of the above – we all have times where we feel a bit shit about ‘stuff’.

That Stuff might relate to ourselves, our work, our colleagues, our kids, our partner, our families.. Just about anyone or anything really…

Perhaps you wish you could be freed up to feel more creative, cope better with what life throws at you, feel more productive, achieve more goals. Maybe you want to feel less tense, have less arguments or find you want to be able to ‘go with the flow’ more easily.

It may be that you want to have greater relationships, you want to smile more, discover more joy in your life and just feel happy.

The thing is, you’re not alone. There are countless people feeling like you. We’re so consumed and limited by this ‘stuff’ that we’re not living our best lives.

“Surround yourself only with people who are going to take you higher” – Oprah Winfrey


When we are living the best version of ourselves we:

  • Are healthier
  • Achieve the goals we set
  • Feel more in control of what is happening in our lives
  • Have a positive mindset
  • Have better relationships
  • Cope better with stress
  • Have increased inner strength
  • Can balance others’ expectations with our own needs
  • Are confident
  • We are happier
  • See ourselves in a positive light

You have one life – you deserve to live it at YOUR best – whatever ‘best’ means to you!

“When I met Tracey I was in a very difficult and challenging place in my life. I had very low self-esteem, no confidence and was going through a very painful divorce and custody battle…..The minute I met Tracey I felt great warmth, compassion and I knew she had a genuine interest in me. From there, as our relationship grew, Tracey helped me go from rock bottom to soaring heights….Of recent times, now that my self esteem and confidence is on track, Tracey has helped me with stress levels and I’m now working on that…I can honestly say with my hand on my heart, that without having had Tracey Mathers in my life I would not be who I am today or where I am. I have never felt so okay in my own skin, so confident with my abilities and who I am as a woman, soon-to-be wife, mother, friend and colleague.” 



Every day you will have access to a supportive community of women who are all focused on making the best of their lives in 2019. All you will need is an email address, a laptop or tablet, a Facebook account and about an hour a week to watch the week’s content and participate in any recommended activities.

Every Monday a new topic for the week will be shared for us all to unpack, investigate and discuss. There will be opportunities to ask specific questions and have your questions answered.

It is the discussion, listening, unpacking and accountability that aides support and change in women’s lives. The TM Vault community will give you the best chance of helping you achieve THE BEST YOU that you’re seeking.


  • How can I stop feeling overwhelmed?
  • How can I find my courage in challenging circumstances?
  • What can I do to minimise my stress levels?
  • How do I lose fear or confusion and make a confident decision on my future?
  • I have a person or people in my life who aren’t listening to me, what can I do?
  • I’m not achieving the goals I set for myself despite my best efforts. What now?
  • How do I overcome my lack of self-respect/self-confidence?
  • What can I do to finally become more organised?
  • I’m unhappy with my circumstances, how can I deal with it?
  • I feel fear often, how do I take back control?
  • What can I do to get more of what I want out of life?

It is the discussion, listening, unpacking and accountability that aides support and change in women’s lives. 

The TM Vault community will give you the best chance of helping you achieve THE BEST YOU that you’re seeking.

“I really thought I have done and experienced everything and was just going to roll into the last quarter of my life. Now thanks to Tracey I feel like I am just starting life again…. My friends and family are utterly amazed at the difference in me… My husband says this is how I should have been years ago, even though he sees less of me, he is just so happy to see the life and fun in me again.”
Geraldine M. 


  • Access to a weekly topic – a focus for discussion
  • Membership to the Exclusive TM Vault Facebook group – ask advice, get support and keep yourself accountable
  • Daily thoughts and ideas from Tracey via the closed Facebook page.
  • Real Conversations with a monthly guest
  • The TM monthly book club – you are invited to read a book recommended by Tracey and participate in discussions about it’s real life applications
  • Activities to help you create a game-plan to achieve your BEST you
  • Optional extras: Twice yearly event (at an extra cost) where we meet like-minded people to network and connect with, and hear from a fabulous guest speaker


$ 59
per month
  • Access to weekly topics
  • Access to the Exclusive TM Vault Facebook group
  • Daily thoughts and ideas from Tracey
  • TM Book Club
  • Activities to assist your learning


Not sure if this program will suit you or have a few questions you’d like answered?

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While Tracey Mathers is probably most well-known for her career in retail – as the granddaughter of the founder of Mathers Shoes and as the owner of her own stores for 25 years, Tracey Mathers Shoe Studio – she has always been an empowerer of women.  

In her role as a business leader and mentor, Tracey has helped countless people achieve their goals. It was only when Tracey began receiving calls from her clients asking if she would be willing to help people outside of her typical business clients, that she saw there were other people experiencing the same types of challenges in their lives.

Although people don’t identify Tracey as an introvert, she is someone who ‘held back’ on herself in her earlier years, She consciously worked on developing her best version of herself. This work means she can gladly say that she is content and happy in her life. While there is not one thing that led her on this personal journey, she remembers one day saying to herself ‘I can only try it. If it doesn’t work, I’ll only being go back to how things were.’ It is this personal experience coupled with her work as a mentor that has driven Tracey to create the TM Vault.

Tracey hates seeing women not feel confident in their lives and loves seeing women step into their space and feel comfortable in their own skin. She hates seeing women put down by others or not stand up for themselves; and she loves when she sees them unlock their inner confidence and know their worth. Tracey also understands that there can be times in our lives where we feel like we don’t belong because, whatever our situation, whether it be motherhood, business ownership, career or something else – these places can be very lonely places to be. Tracey understands the value of having people around you that you can learn with, share your thoughts and ideas with, and have some fun with.

Tracey is trusted by many as their mentor in life. She is excited to welcome you to the TM Vault community so you can experience your best version of you.


“It’s a beautiful place to find yourself. It’s much less confusing, much less exhausting and incredibly life-changing”  – Tracey Mathers

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