Get clarity, connection and confidence

Successful You

Gain clarity, connection and confidence!

What's stopping you from becoming a Successful You?

Gain clarity, connection and confidence!

Un-successful You

“I have so much to do, I don’t even know where to start. I don’t have the time to do that today, I’ll do it tomorrow. That’s a great idea but how would I even start”?


What’s stopping you from becoming a Successful You?

Become a Successful You

Who do you want to be by the end of 2021?


At Successful You, you will be inspired. You will be empowered. And you will create your own success.


You will learn the skills to gain connection, clarity and confidence. You will achieve results. You will learn how to overcome priority problems, develop self-respect and self-belief. And you will do it all alongside like-minded women who will support, uplift and encourage you to gain success within your personal and business life!


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Join me and 20 other amazing women over 12 months to become a Successful You!

Successful You Culture




We all want to live our best lives, but if we keep doing the same thing we always do, we’re not going to achieve it. The only way we change and grow is by learning from other people.


At Successful You, you’ll learn the value of connection. We teach people to think differently, to ask the right questions and, with a supportive tribe of women around you, to be focused and consistent in your actions in order to gain results.  




What will you have achieved by the end of 2021? If you haven’t clearly defined your goals… probably, not a lot! Here’s the thing; a goal without an action plan is just a waste of time.


At Successful You, you’ll gain clarity about exactly what you want to change and achieve, confidence in your direction moving forward, and accountability to achieve your goals.





If we think that we know it all, we are stopping growth and without growth, we cannot move forward in business or life. At Successful You, you’ll start a mind journey of growth, challenging your thought process in order to achieve motivation, action and success.



Just as important as it is to be aware of your strengths, many of us fail because we can’t recognise what it is that is actually stopping us from moving forward. For some it’s time, lack of planning or poor organisation, and for many it’s that little voice inside your head telling you that you can’t do something. Sound familiar?



Business can be fun too – enjoy it! Look forward to some fun, insightful and inspiring times together, where you will walk away motivated and determined for your day, week or month ahead!


How You'll Become a Successful You

Group collaboration is so important to move your thinking forward, to connect with like minds, to value the sharing together, to support, to laugh, to have fun, and to get other connections that will help you in all areas you need in your life. We don’t have to do life alone!

20 women + 12 months = a Successful You!

As part of the Successful You program, you’ll benefit from:

  • A small group of engaged and like-minded women to gain inspiration, ideas and support from
  • Monthly Zoom consultations where we will develop strategies, set goals and make plans to assist you in determining your direction to have the success you desire
  • Access to a private Facebook page where you will receive encouragement and support from myself and the group
  • Monthly accountability email to make sure you are where you want to be and on the path to achieving your goals
  • Spontaneous get-togethers such as walks, cocktails and gatherings

Your Investment

$195 + GST per month


$2,100 + GST upfront
(10% discount, $240 saving)

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