“The only thing often stopping us is our inability to see what we are truly capable of. When we learn how to gain control of the fear then our desire for success becomes clearer and stronger, nothing will then stop us”.

– Tracey Mathers

Get clarity, connection and confidence



Private Mentoring

Do you want to stop overthinking your life? Do you want to stop putting things off? Do you want to stop over-prioritising the non-important jobs and get started on the good stuff? Are you stuck wondering how?


In a one-on-one private mentoring session with me, we’ll focus on clarity. We’ll work out what’s working for you, what’s not working, what you need to change and how to do it. My private mentoring sessions are personalised to focus on your values, goals and roadblocks, and to help come up with a plan that works for you! I will support, encourage and assist you to prioritise what you want to achieve and keep you accountable to your deadlines. You will step into power. You will find your voice. You will gain self-esteem and self-worth. You will take control of your life. And you will stand up for what you want in order to propel yourself forward for success! 

  • 12 week program
  • Includes 6 x 1 hour private sessions (2 per month)
  • Email support, unlimited during the 12 week program

Your Investment: $3,950 + GST

Business Coaching

Are you looking for success in your business life? Are you unsure on how to move forward to achieve it? Sometimes the hardest part is just knowing where to begin!


As a business coach, I will help you to understand what’s holding you back. I’ll help you to connect with what is it that you’ve been struggling with, and realise what’s next for you and your business and how to get there. I will provide the tools to get yourself out of auto-pilot mode and inspire you to start living with confidence and excitement!


We will go through your strengths and focus on how to become great at what you’re already good at, and determine what non-strengths can be outsourced. We’ll set goals and we’ll work strategically and efficiently to achieve them, creating the success that you’re looking for in your business! We only get one opportunity at life; let’s make the most of it!

  • 12 week program
  • Includes 6 x 1 hour private sessions (2 per month)
  • Email support, unlimited during the 12 week program

Your Investment: $3,950 + GST

Strategy Sessions

Do you feel as though you are on the right track but have an area of your business that you are struggling with? Are you stuck on how to move forward and feel as though you are just going around in circles? Let’s spend a powerful two hours together, unpack your issue and get you set off on the path for success. I will help to provide clarity on your problem, determine the process to get you back on track, and set out the next steps so you know exactly where to go from there!

Your Investment: $795 + GST (per 2 hour strategy session) 

Keynote Speaking

My keynotes focus on building business fundamentals because, much like a house, if you’re building a successful business, you first must start with the foundations.


I offer a number of signature keynotes based on my journey in business and life, however can offer a customised presentation upon request.

Keynote 1: Key secrets to personal fulfillment and future success

  • Why purpose is crucial 
  • How to stand out
  • How to make hard decisions
  • Let go of fear

Keynote 2: Communication

  • Build great teams
  • Take ownership of your reactions
  • The importance of non-verbal signals
  • The 48 hour rule

Keynote 3: Relationship building

  • Identify who you need and where to find them 
  • Develop great people skills
  • Schedule time to build relationships 
  • Welcome diversity 

Your Investment: $5,500 + GST (45-minute keynote)* 
*Flights and accommodation may be applicable. Prices are subject to change.

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