“…I am a different person, I have not only set goals, I am kicking my goals, both personally and professionally…”

Kim Ring

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We’ve all been there, situations where we feel helpless, lost, stressed, emotionally drained and just empty. We might be having sleepless nights worrying about bills to be paid, situations in the workplace that need attention and it just gets overwhelming. We think maybe it is easier to just crawl into a ball in the corner and it will go away. Trust me when I say I know how you are feeling – I too have been there at certain times in my life. I will support and help you to gain back control of your life, help you to prioritise what you are trying to achieve by setting your goals with you and then keeping you accountable to deadlines. Sometimes the hardest part is just knowing where to begin.

I help people to transition from just waking up each day in remote control, often wasting time, to inspire them to start living with confidence and excitement, I provide the tools essential for achieving quality in both career and family life. We only get one opportunity at life; let’s make the most of it.

Kim RingWhen I started working with Tracey all I did was cry for the first session. I felt like my life was a little out of control. Well 3 months down the track I am a different person, I have not only set goals, I am kicking my goals, both personally and professionally. I have done courses before, read books, set goals, the works, however I guess I didn’t have the discipline. The difference with Tracey, is having someone to hold my hand (so to speak), check up on me and hold me accountable.

I can’t believe the difference her mentoring program has made to my life. I feel in control again, I have direction. I now have vision and purpose every day. I have set goals for myself that I am achieving on a daily basis and I could not be feeling better about myself. I am passionate going forward about who and what I am now. Tracey has helped me to get out of my comfort zone and to believe in myself again. I can’t thank Tracey enough for what she has done for me and I am so looking forward to the next chapter of my life thanks to her help.

Kim Ring
Arbonne consultant, Style by Kim

The Value Model: let Tracey help you up the ladder of success

Growth Currency/Impact focus
6 Complete x 10 Sustainability
5 Growth x 8 Momentum
4 Focus x 6 Progress
3 Awareness x 4 Strategy
2 Truth x 3 Goal
1 Mechanical x 2 Clarity
Struggling Decision
Overwhelming Reality


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