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I spent so much time working over the last 35 years, and no time on myself or to be more specific my health and well-being.

Those bad decisions are now catching up with me, and I have just been through a prolonged period of time-out due to ill health. I decided to put tools down and concentrate on trying to get my health back on track.

I am back at work now and really excited about the next 12 months. What happened was I got into that horrible word OVERWHELM. I had so much to do, so little time to do it in and it was stressing me through the eyeballs.

When we get into this mindset it can be crippling. You end up like the puppy dog chasing its tail with no real or good results. This is exactly where I was. I have often been in this position in my life, at different stages and there are a few things that I have always done to get me back on track.

Do you know how good it is when someone says to you, “Forget all of that, just focus on this!”. Gives you back your focus, your clarity, your purpose, your why. Gives your thoughts the Reboot they need and gets you back into action not procrastination.

Always be in the driver’s seat of your life. If you are feeling in overwhelm, do something about it, don’t just sit on it. Take action to get those thoughts back into an order that you can deal with.

Love to hear your thoughts!



tracey-mathers-blog-h200pxAfter being a business owner for 25 years I have now sold my business to concentrate on my mentoring clients. I want to help people to find their WHY and their HOW to make the necessary changes to improve their business and personal lives. Taking control of where you are, but more importantly where you want to be, is what it is all about.

You need to work out what is stopping you, what changes need to be made or improved on, so you can move forward with gusto and determination. Go get the life you want, it’s ready for you. I would love to help you. Please get in touch for a chat via this website, or email me at