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Forget numbers, think people

I am an advocate for good old-fashioned customer service. May it live strongly in all our businesses forever!

We live in such fast-changing times, and we try our best to keep up, but it can be hard. New updated software, new laws being passed by Government, changing structures, ideas being thrown at us every day, every hour. It can be hard to step away from all of that, and remember the basic fundamentals of good business.
As I work with different businesses now, the real common thread that I see is that it has become all about numbers. Numbers are everywhere. “How many do you have to sell this week?”, “How many to go to reach our targets?”. Don’t get me wrong, this is great, we need something to strive towards. But in our endeavour to get these numbers, sometimes we forget about the people we have working with us, who get these numbers on the board for us. If we invest the time, the training to show them how, have team meetings on how we can do it best, share wins, share how we achieved these wins, if we made it more about the people and less about the numbers, the numbers just take care of themselves, that result just takes care of itself.

We need to get back to investing time in our sales teams, making sure their product knowledge is 100% and that they are comfortable in every area they sell in. How long since you’ve sat with your team members on a one-on-one and simply asked, “How is it going? Any areas you are struggling in? Where can I help? Are you happy doing what you are doing?”? Often, we don’t ask because we may not like the answers, but we need to ask, we need to be so close to our team, that if there is a shift in dynamics, we are onto it. Sales are the most important part of our business. Our teams give us those sales, so maybe they need some priority for a while within your business.

3 focus areas:

You don’t build a business, you build people, and then people build the business – Zig Ziglar

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